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Alun Batley - Executive Trainer

Alun is an experienced consultant, coach and training facilitator with expertise in the development and implementation of Lean Systems Thinking, the design and delivery of effective Management Development workshops, and the introduction and integration of sustainable change initiatives. Alun’s workshops and seminars include a mix of leading edge thinking and practical examples based on personal consultancy experiences in large organisations such as Greggs, Nortel, Panasonic, Robert Bosch, and with SMEs across a broad range of sectors.

Alun is committed to continuous learning and self development, and combines full time employment with part-time study, and was awarded his PhD in 2006. Previously Alun has worked in major multinational organisations as a Training Manager, Production Manager, Performance Improvement Manager and other management roles that required leadership and focus to achieve successful outcomes. Alun uses this wealth of practical experience and expert knowledge to help business leaders, their teams and individuals to grow and develop.

Alun can be contacted on 01443 858668, or at